Cute Kitten Names Are Easily Found – But Does Your Cat Listen?

Cute kitten names? Max is a popular tom cat name, Lady a favorite for queens. If you want your cat to have a more original name, you have to use your imagination. Or get some expert help.

‘Muffin. Kitty. Snowball. All stupid names that no self respecting cat would have – if it weren’t for the stupid human who gave it to him!’

These lines come from the hilarious Garfield Book of Cat Names by Jim Davis. The famous cartoon cat is a self declared enemy of silly names. In the book he gives advice on how to give your kitten a name to be proud of.

Well worth a read and great fun at times, but don’t take him too serious or your feline will remain nameless.Group of cats,European Shorthair, in front of a white backgroundFinding the right and preferably cute kitten names is just not easy.
Your family members will want to agree with it, and of course it should not sound silly once your cute little kitten becomes an adult cat.
Take your time to find a good name.

Some people think cats don’t listen to names. Not true. Cats listen very well, and if you say its name often and clear it will soon recognize it. If you consequently call your kitten’s name, it will associate the sound of it with food, play and other pleasant activities.

A name becomes even more important if your kitten comes from a planned mating between pedigree animals, because then the name has to be registered. Professional cat breeders will tell you more about this.
You don’t need Garfield’s help and want some suggestions?

_-cats-cats-22066039-1280-1024WELL, HERE ARE SOME CUTE AND NOT SO CUTE KITTEN NAMES.
Popular tom cat names are Max, Sam, Charlie, Buddy, Toby, Rocky, Buster, Casey.

Popular queen names are Lady, Kitty, Chelsea, Molly, Maggie, Sadie, Abby, Dakota, Sasha.

And there are names that can be given to each sex, like Shadow or Smokey.

Colors often give inspiration, or the cat’s coat. During the Clinton administration every American knew Socks, the First Cat of the United States, and it’s not difficult to understand why Clinton’s cat got this name.

A cat’s personality may also give a hint for a good name. This works best with older cats, because they usually have a clearly developed personality.

Celebrity names are also a good bet. There are cats that are called Elvis Presley. Best advice: choose a timeless celebrity. This week’s Top 20 star may be forgotten tomorrow.

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